Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thank you

Recently I spent time with family in New Zealand, and upon my arrival home I pondered as to how I could thank them.  Flowers, while lovely, do not last, so I put the thinking cap on.  That hat didn't fit, but whilst aimlessly flicking through pages of a craft magazine [which is called procrastinating from 'real' work] I happened upon a set of table mats by Val Laird.  Yippeee!!!  Just the ticket.
The fabric stash yielded more than enough variety to begin.  I traced, and stitched, as the embroidery came along nicely.  I then received news of the hospitalisation of my cousin ... the news was not good.  My enthusiasm departed as worry about his condition occupied my mind.  Then came the news of an improvement.  I began stitching again.
This morning the four placemats were posted ... I guess it will take almost a week for them to reach their destination,  However, I am well pleased with the result.
Now to get on with other projects that had been left waiting in the wings.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Decidedly Fishy

I have begun another BOM, albeit a few months late, but somewhere in a new Forum I found, I read there are 15 blocks in this BOM,, and having only missed the first three, I will have a dozen to incorporate into a quilt later in the year, or maybe next year.
The cute fish are eye-catching, and allow the imagination to run slightly riotous as to the colours. 
This little girl [must be a girl!!  see those lips; made for kissing?!] I have named Coral-lee.  To me it obvious she lives in a coral reef, and the glorious coral colour of her body allows her to blend into her surroundings, should she wish to appear just a wee bit shy.
Mmm ... maybe I should have had the ocean lying flatter for the photo take; allow your imagination to wander slightly ... those ocean plants are waving in the tide.