Monday, December 9, 2013

Scottish themed Quilt and fish

A combination today!  Not fish and chips [too expensive in Australia!], but another fish in the BOM that I am working on.  I have named these fish for no other reason than they appear to have a personality; today's fish is Esmae.
A few months ago I took up the challenge to create a quilt in a Scottish theme, anything I liked with the only pre-requisite being it had to be no smaller than 42" square.  Mine surpassed that by 10" on all sides.  I had fun choosing what to put into the quilt, as with a Scottish theme the ideas were boundless.  Some blocks were 'proper' blocks, while the applique ones were mainly pictures taken from colouring in albums.  This was the first quilt I have ever constructed 'out of my head', and over all I am rather pleased with the result.

"The Heritage of Angus the Piper"

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cushions and other stuff

I have been busy sewing towards Christmas ... there is a real feeling of freedom when one actually ticks of all projects.
Cushions give great scope to the imagination, the cushion designs all emanated from my own head, which does go to show I do have some creative ability initiative.   
Recently a tutorial I watched from HGTV Forum gave clear directions as to foundation piecing, and as the subject to be made was a Christmas tree, I gave it a go ... three times.  These trees are an excellent beginning to foundation piecing, though I have done a little before, with much trepidation.
Last year I made two cute pincushions and had it in my mind to make another.  Two days of searching through the far too many magazines I have was successful ... the magazine in question was right under my nose; I must have put it aside knowing I would make another 'lady pincushion'.  These are simple to make out of small pieces of fabric; the only real requisite being doll's hair.
At the moment I have no pressing sewing ... Yay!!