Sunday, June 21, 2015

A journey back in time

About 35 years ago I made a cushion for my daughter. Then  Holly Hobby was as popular as Sunbonnet Sue is today, and I feel they are twins, almost identical twins.
Twin friends of my daughter admired this cushion and when their birthdays came around a few months later I made them a cushion each; one featured red and time has erased the memory of the other.  About twelve years ago one of those twins, the recipient of the red Holly Hobby cushion, came back to her old home town and arrived at my work place to purchase essentials [food!].  She was thrilled to see me.  Her first comment after the initial greeting was 'I still have that cushion you made me!'  Yes, I was chuffed to think that a young girl had taken her cushion to a distant city after her marriage.
My daughter is moving house and yesterday she sent me a photo
of her cushion, along with an apology that it was grubby.  I noted the lace was past its best but this cushion has travelled from New Zealand to Australia, has spent time in many districts of Western Australia; but most of all she had kept it and Holly Hobby herself was intact, proudly holding her bunch of flowers.
These days as I make items for gifts and post them to various friends and relatives I wonder how many of them will have been kept as a small treasure that brings back memories of days long past.