Sunday, August 30, 2015

About time?!

This morning I received a concerned email from a fellow blogger and friend ... was I OK?  I hadn't posted for a while!!!  And she was right.  I decided to take some action.
I have been busy but very neglectful of posting. 
Cushions seem to be 'the thing' at the moment.  A while ago a neighbour took us into town as our vehicle was in dry dock and as a small thank you I made a cushion, and forgot to take a photo in my haste to deliver the gift. 
A few weeks later a request was made from same neighbour.  Her mother-in-law was soon to celebrate her 100th birthday, which in anyone's book is a magnificent achievement, and even more so when this particular lady lives in her own home with only a minimum of help.  The notice given was a tad short which meant I had to look through my stash for a suitable fabric to make a quick start.
I chose a fabric featuring red roses and after looking for a suitable stitchery design soon had the needle flicking in and out of the design.  [the blank part in the photo is where I embroidered the lady's name ... the internet is too large and wide to publish important details].
I am pleased to say the recipient was thrilled with it.
Another swap, using purple or blues, saw me constructing another cushion which winged its way to Canada.
When I last flew to New Zealand I purchased a length of fabric that sat in my stash while a promise to myself to make a bag lurked in the back of my thoughts.  A forthcoming trip back to my old home town galvanised me into action.  The result?
Do you have pieces of useful fabric left over from another project with no particular project in mind?  Last year I made youngest grandson an Advent Calendar incorporating a rather pretty piece of plaid in Christmas colours.  With another Christmas fast approaching and wishing to make a gift rather than purchase something I made a set of table mats.
And ... another length of fabric is more than half made for more table mats.  To me it makes sense to use up my stash [which seems to expand the moment I close the cupboard door] on little gifts that should be useful and which show the recipient they are thought of.