Sunday, July 29, 2012

Promises and Borders

The months are rushing by and although I completed block 6 'on time' I neglected to post a photo. 

The title block of Promises and Borders, a BOM for 2012 by Jenny of Elefantz is completed as well; which means I have two photos to post today.
This BOM is proving a wonderful journey with a mix of stitching and patchwork.  The blocks are all sewn together, the title in place ... three to go!!!  As I am keeping up with the blocks as published, it is my sincere hope this BOM will be completed and posted away to the recipient in time for Christmas, which incidentally is drawing closer by the day.

My apologies for the poor quality photos ... that title block is long, which meant I decided to put it across the back of the sofa to take the photo ... didn't work out all that well!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Table mats, cushions, and hexi flower

This week has been productive in the small category, as my enthusiasm for larger items has 'gone bush'. 

It is some time since I made table mats for home use, and the two sets that have been in regular use for several years are fast becoming tired looking, I decided this was the time to construct more.  As there are only the two of us here, and I do have one larger set for when visitors arrive, two sets of 2-place mats was an enjoyable, and short project.
Several months ago I happened upon a FQ that featured strawberries, and not having any particular use in mind, it lay in my stash until an idea dawned.  Then there was the FQ a hexi swap partner forwarded ... a New Zealand bird, the pukeko, featured in bright hues.  It was not difficult to decide which fabrics to use!

As well I have posted another hexi flower away, and actually remembered to take a photo this time!  This hexi flower swap in Our Craft Forum has been running for some time, and my collection of flowers is growing, so much so that I truly need to consider what 'path colour' will be appropriate. 

With another family birthday coming up it a pair of cushions seemed a suitable part of the parcel. 
I try to not think about postage costs!!  Cushions are a perfect gift to make ... they do not take too long, and they are the perfect reason to try another patchwork block, or method. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A learning curve

How do we approach a new craft?  I will admit to procrastinating over socks for many years.  The idea of four needles scared me.  However many years ago I found a lovely pattern for a yoked jumper with fair isle on the yoke ... but by then those magic needles with cat-gut like stuff in the middle were around.  I coped!

Gloves were an important accessory in the cooler part of NZ where I spent most of my life, but there were lots of glove patterns on 2 needles! 

The ear flap hats featured earlier were on those magic needles, but I changed to 4 needles when near the end as I spent too much time shuffling stitches along the 'cat gut' insertion.

Everywhere people were knitting socks!  I procrastinated for weeks, but after a member of the DTE Forum posted a pattern for sports socks that wouldn't waste too much wool should I make a real blunder, I crossed the bridge [so to say].  Not wishing to buy new wool ... waste not, want not, is a mantra I almost follow, I hunted through my 'wool stash', and yes I have a considerable haul of that as well, I found some 4-ply, bought a set of double pointed needles at the Op Shop for $1, and excuses ran out.

The first sock is complete! 
I agree it leaves a lot to be desired, especially in closing the toe in Kitchener Stitch, which I had never attempted before.  Thank goodness for U-tube!!!  Now I have it's mate to complete, and yesterday whilst in my favourite craft shop I found sock wool.  Yes, I succumbed!  Two balls, each sufficient for one pair of socks, travelled home with me.  Next winter [I know my limitations, and I do have other projects screaming for attention] I will be the proud possessor of two pair of lovely warm socks!!  [she says, with fingers crossed.]

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ooops, slow to post

June scampered away and already this year is over half-way through.  Needless to say the list of my projected projects for 2012 has not shortened as weekly I find other items that scream to be added. 

With the almost confirmation that the Higgs Boson particle exists perhaps the next hope for mankind is space travel to a place where time goes slower?  I hope we have the opportunity to participate in such time-travel, and that there will be room for my sewing machine, my increasing stash of fabrics, my knitting needles and yarn, not to mention the fast-growing number of magazines that I must buy just in case a pattern catches my eye.

I haven't been idle!  Well for almost a week I felt a little under the weather; not enough to send me to bed, but enough to slow me down.  I blame those folk who insist on going shopping when they should be home; those same folk who sneeze while rotating their head and do not possess a handkerchief nor a tissue ... germs simply love that freedom and increase in number with glee.

Christmas is less than 6-months away!  I have begun on my 'list'.  A table runner that is rather large; I anticipate it's use on a wooden outdoor table for the Christmas feast.
Weather in NZ has been wintry, with snow and icy conditions.  Bearing this in mind, plus the fact I was for a few days, completely 'sewn out' I embarked on a knitting spree.  Woolen hats seemed the order of the day, although I originally intended only making a pair of gloves for youngest grandson.  When they were completed it seemed sensisble to carry on and make ear-flap hats from a pattern found via Google ... Norwegian star earflaphat.  It is many years since I have used double pointed knitting needles, you know the ones with what looks like fishing line holding the points together!  The first hat was a trial, but my technique did improve.

Today I have just completed a bag for a swap, but as my swappee has broken a wrist, I will wait before posting a photo.

What next?  Well ... there are two BOM blocks to be made,plus  another BOM from Promises and Borders by Jenny of Elefantz, and a couple of cushions for a birthday next month. 

At least that should keep me out of mischief!