Saturday, July 21, 2012

Table mats, cushions, and hexi flower

This week has been productive in the small category, as my enthusiasm for larger items has 'gone bush'. 

It is some time since I made table mats for home use, and the two sets that have been in regular use for several years are fast becoming tired looking, I decided this was the time to construct more.  As there are only the two of us here, and I do have one larger set for when visitors arrive, two sets of 2-place mats was an enjoyable, and short project.
Several months ago I happened upon a FQ that featured strawberries, and not having any particular use in mind, it lay in my stash until an idea dawned.  Then there was the FQ a hexi swap partner forwarded ... a New Zealand bird, the pukeko, featured in bright hues.  It was not difficult to decide which fabrics to use!

As well I have posted another hexi flower away, and actually remembered to take a photo this time!  This hexi flower swap in Our Craft Forum has been running for some time, and my collection of flowers is growing, so much so that I truly need to consider what 'path colour' will be appropriate. 

With another family birthday coming up it a pair of cushions seemed a suitable part of the parcel. 
I try to not think about postage costs!!  Cushions are a perfect gift to make ... they do not take too long, and they are the perfect reason to try another patchwork block, or method. 


Quiltin' Sandy said...

Such lovely work Shirl! - and those placemats are so striking. You have been very busy and made some really lovely things. :)

Liz said...

Some gorgeous mats. Nice work.