Friday, October 21, 2011

Butterfly Dreaming

I have a dear little grandson who will be one year old early in the New Year.  When visiting him not long after his birth I purchased The Enormous Turnip, a book greatly favoured by his Dad when he began school.  Speaking on the phone recently my son related how Grandson loves The Enormous Turnip ... his lovely Mum reads it to him regularly and he sits and listens.  I am thrilled as I am a great believer of obtaining a child's interest in books at an early age.

It was suggested that Grandson would 'love The Very Hungry Caterpillar' book.  I requested they not buy it ... that privilege was mine.  The pop-up version of the book is ordered and will arrive later in the month.  A book needs a bag; a bag that can double as a library bag.  

A quick hunt through my magazine 'library' turned up a pattern ... the bag is complete, but instead of a caterpillar on just one side, I made it double sided.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A chance to win!!

Vicki of is offering a marvellous chance, well 5 chances in all, of winning an EQ7.  What an opportunity.  Hop over there and enter in the fun ... good luck!

A Moment for Bragging

Every so often a girl needs to brag just a little; you know the moment when you realise what you have completed is actually rather nice.

Recently I was in another swap, this time the swap was a mystery ... to the recipient, though for some time what I would make remained a mystery to me as well.  Finally I decided on a table topper, an article that might  be of some use.  Knowing, from another swap, my swapee's choice of colours made the selection of cottons easy.  A pattern from one of my many [I could admit to having a few plastic boxes of magazines containing patterns, but will refrain from saying what size of box] hoarded magazines provided inspiration with every stitch. 

Duly completed and posted off, received and opened, allows me to show a photo of the table topper.
I will admit that the temptation to make another one for myself, and maybe as a gift next Christmas to a family member, is great. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sentimental Journey Quilt ~ Block 2

October, a new month, and another block in the Sentimental Journey block.

I delayed starting this second block as I had other works in progress that needed finishing, especially a Mystery Swap, which needless to say, shall remain a mystery until the end of the month.  Suffice to say ... it is completed!
When November comes around I must remember to cut block three one day, and sew it the next.  I made the mistake this time of beginning cutting after lunch, with the idea the whole exercise would be complete by my bedtime.  Wrong!  For some reason I didn't cut all the pieces, and after sitting sewing realised my mistake.  By then tiredness crept over me, but at least I could see progress.

In the beginning I was tempted to 'race ahead' and do them all, but that madness has dissipated!  One a month is enough, though I am pleased with the final effect.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Is there anybody else having my problem.  There are so many lovely blogs and I wish to comment; unfortunately I can't ... the reason 

We are sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

The following errors were found:

Input error: Cookie value is null for FormRestoration

It appears on blogs whose comments are embedded, and  is so frustrating.  Like a merry-go-round, round and round and round, but going nowhere.

Does anyone know how to rectify this problem?  I would appreciate your input. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Whats in a Name

Dawn is asking how our blog name came about.  There are so many different names out there in Blogland, each as varied as their owner.

I thought long for a name ... my name is Shirley but upon my arrival in Australia I found that name quickly became Shirl ... it does appear to be an Australian thing to alter a name!  When I began my blog I simply combined my Aussie name with the place where I live and added sessions as my crafting does tend to come in waves, or sessions.