Friday, October 21, 2011

Butterfly Dreaming

I have a dear little grandson who will be one year old early in the New Year.  When visiting him not long after his birth I purchased The Enormous Turnip, a book greatly favoured by his Dad when he began school.  Speaking on the phone recently my son related how Grandson loves The Enormous Turnip ... his lovely Mum reads it to him regularly and he sits and listens.  I am thrilled as I am a great believer of obtaining a child's interest in books at an early age.

It was suggested that Grandson would 'love The Very Hungry Caterpillar' book.  I requested they not buy it ... that privilege was mine.  The pop-up version of the book is ordered and will arrive later in the month.  A book needs a bag; a bag that can double as a library bag.  

A quick hunt through my magazine 'library' turned up a pattern ... the bag is complete, but instead of a caterpillar on just one side, I made it double sided.


Maddy said...

Just love it! What a spoilt little chap. Very lucky to have a Nanna like yourself.

Gloria said...

I like it ,very cute. Sure it will be loved.