Monday, September 23, 2013

More Fish

August and September blocks for the Fish BOM provided a little fun in choosing colours.
I have been naming each fish, for no reason other than I can.
 Meet Georgiana who joined her other friends in the ocean in August.
September gave birth to Great Aunt Moira, whose name was chosen because of the little story that developed for this month's fish. 
Great Aunt Moira was conjured up to oversee the shenanigans of the other fish let free in the wide ocean in September.  Sadly her eyesight is failing, so one is not 100% certain her efforts to keep younger fish behaving in a seemly way will work. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tiny and Fun

The HGTV forum is running a swap for Christmas themed Dotee dolls.  I do not intend to participate as postage as Christmas nears can quickly become prohibitive, but I was curious as to exactly what Dotee dolls are.  Some photos were posted in the forum, and my interest was piqued.  Mr Google provided instructions.
Today being Sunday and as Fremantle won their round of football yesterday it seemed to be a good idea to fritter away a day constructing a Dotee doll.  My embellishment stash is almost non-existent, but I managed to make a doll that looks quaintly hippy-ish. I did put a couple of flowers in her hair!  What to call her?  That was obvious ... Dot!
Time was spent in understanding the principles of Dotee doll construction, but as they say, the first time is the hardest.  The imagination could easily run away as fabric is matched to personalities.  Future Dotee dolls should take less time!  Now if I could whip one up in an hour or two these dolls could easily become a collection. 
I can picture them made up in a Christmas theme ... hanging on the tree would be one logical place, but a swag hanging under a picture would be equally striking.  The possibilities are endless!