Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stringy quilt

For some time I have seen stringy quilts displayed on the Internet, and thought, "I must try that one day." 

With the arrival of a new baby girl into the extended family I had a reason.  It wasn't difficult sorting fabric as I had kept a container of 'off-cuts', for just such a project.  In the cupboard there was a largish piece of pink that I used to form the structure of the cot quilt; other fabrics were a random selection, though I did keep in mind that this was for a youngster.

Some patterns suggested sewing the pieces onto paper, others muslin.  I opted for muslin, which I think gives a stronger and more secure frame work.  It was simply a case of placing the chosen pink in the centre, and picking up whatever colour was nearest, though I will admit to trying to not make it too garish.
I have no suitable fabric for backing; the next step is a couple of weeks away

Friday, March 23, 2012

Easter bag

The shops have had Hot Cross buns and Easter eggs on display for weeks!  Christmas was barely over before these Easter treats were displayed.  I resist buying Hot Cross buns until Easter, but have indulged in purchasing some eggs; there was a reason!  I found a pattern at Red Brolly for a delightful easter bag, and not because I am in a bag making mood, decided to tackle the embroidered bag.  As this will go to a little boy I didn't bother with the bow on the bag.

When shopping for a backing fabric, Easter type fabrics were simply non-existent, apart from a pretty fabric in pink with chickens ... not exactly what I looked for this year.  A colourful red fabric featuring chooks makes a suitable alternative!

Now to bundle the bag and eggs, with the addition of a couple of yellow chicks just bursting out of their eggs, the parcel will soon be winging its way across to my little grandson.  He is really too young for chocolate Easter eggs, but as I am not the one who will need to wipe his face, hands, and whatever other part of his body he manages to smear chocolate on ... it doesn't matter.  He does love chocolate!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Bag

The bag completed a couple of days ago pleased me, so much so that I felt the urge to construct another, though in different colours.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Bag

This year I am surprising even myself with the amount of projects tackled AND completed.

For some time I have had it in my mind to make a bag.  An older cousin who much prefers navy blue [personally I like black as my base colour] has a birthday in April, and as we usually exchange small gifts, her name headed the list [well if there were a list it would be a mile long and its length would no doubt put me off sewing, or any crafting for life!].

The choice of a pattern was difficult.  Nearly all the bag books published here in Australia are in my possession; many bags per book!  Of course half the fun of a project is in the choosing; which pattern, what colours, and once those ideas have gelled a new direction has to be taken as no suitable fabric is available!  I can see how some folks design fabrics!

Pattern chosen, fabric purchased, the making task presented itself.  This bag was not difficult, though I was rather disappointed that the instructions were incorrect : whether this was the fault of the magazine or the designer I am not sure.  But a challenge was issued.  I couldn't cut up good fabric and not complete the project.  The juggling required was mainly in my mind, and it is amazing how going to sleep on a problem solves that problem.
The completed bag!  I am happy with the result, even the addition of an internal pocket.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Don't Get Around Much Anymore

If this title was the truth then I am either unlucky and tied to the house, or incapacitated thus restricting movement.  Thankfully neither is correct!  Don't Get Around Much Anymore is the name of Block 7 of the Sentimental Journey quilt that I am doing as a BOM.
Already we [others in Our Craft Forum are journeying with me] are over half way through the blocks, though with borders, quilting etc we do have a longer road to travel.  Perhaps by the end of this year?

Apart from what I considered was a small mistake in the instructions [I changed them to suit my specification, and now the completed block does resemble the block as pictured], this block was not difficult ... not too many seams that must [or should] meet.  Oh, and I messed up the cutting, but that was my carelessness, and in the long run only added five or ten minutes to the task.  I should read the instructions for cutting a square in half!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Promises and Borders

Jenny of Elefantz offers a BOM, Promises and Borders, for much of this year.  On the 3rd of each month a new block is posted at 

Block 3 is now completed and stored with the previous two until later in the year when all the final instructions will be posted.
Thank you Jenny!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Balkan Puzzle

For the second block for Our Craft Forum's 2012 BOM I chose Balkan Puzzle, which was interesting to stitch.  

My chosen colours are actually more towards purple though for some obscure reason my camera is not taking photos true to colour.  A little adjustment helps!     

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Table runner and Mouse Mat

For several weeks I have had fabric to construct a table runner; the only problem was lack of time!  With essential sewing caught up earlier this week I made a start completing it yesterday.  While the photo could be better I am happy with the result.

Last week I placed an order with The Pickledish Patch Store and this morning the order arrived ... thank you Australia Post for not taking ages!

I purchased a few items, this mouse pad is a real gem!  I love it.