Sunday, March 11, 2012

Don't Get Around Much Anymore

If this title was the truth then I am either unlucky and tied to the house, or incapacitated thus restricting movement.  Thankfully neither is correct!  Don't Get Around Much Anymore is the name of Block 7 of the Sentimental Journey quilt that I am doing as a BOM.
Already we [others in Our Craft Forum are journeying with me] are over half way through the blocks, though with borders, quilting etc we do have a longer road to travel.  Perhaps by the end of this year?

Apart from what I considered was a small mistake in the instructions [I changed them to suit my specification, and now the completed block does resemble the block as pictured], this block was not difficult ... not too many seams that must [or should] meet.  Oh, and I messed up the cutting, but that was my carelessness, and in the long run only added five or ten minutes to the task.  I should read the instructions for cutting a square in half!!


Ondrea said...

Another lovely block there. Love the colours and fabrics.

Liz said...

Lovely block. I like your colors.