Friday, September 30, 2011

Down on the Farm Swap and another Mug Rug

Recently, in our Craft Forum, I participated in a Down on the Farm swap, which in essence allowed us to send something of a 'farming' nature to our partner.

Jeanette and I were paired up, and I made her a cushion, and included in the parcel a little 'sit on the shelf' cow.

Jeanette's parcel for me arrived yesterday.  Inside was the most gorgeous 'cow' doll, named Milkshake.  Her pockets were decorated with two 'cow' buttons, and around her neck she wore a cow bell.  Milkshake had a name tag on the back of her head, instantly giving this bovine a name.

As well as Milkshake Jeanette included some scrummy 'Bilby' chocolates, which didn't last long!  Chocolate is made for eating!  And that wasn't all ... a notebook with a cow on the front added to the surprise.

Our Craft Forum gives us the opportunity to participate in swaps of many types.  Another swap recently completed was a Mug Rug; this was sent to the UK

and I received a lovely mug rug from Celine in return.  Do you see the cute Teddy Bear tree trunk?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Four Score

Block 3 of the Nine Patch Nirvana quilt is named Four Score ... in this photo it looks puckered, but let me assure you that it isn't so.  After taking the photo I checked and couldn't see what the photo shows ... must be a Gremlin!
For anyone wishing to tackle a patchwork block quilt I recommend this Nirvana quilt as it it relatively easy to put together, and takes little time for each block.

The colours showing in this photo are more true than the previous two ... perhaps the impending rain has altered the atmosphere?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ask and Answer

Block 1 for the Nine Patch Nirvana Quilt BOM has the intriguing name of Ask and Answer, which is pretty logical!  Greatly enthusiastic I cut the pieces for this block last night, and this morning, after racing through the chores, of which washing was the major, I sat at the machine and sewed.

This block came together relatively easy and enthusiasm has not yet departed!

The completed blocks will have the lime green fabric [previous post] sashing, followed by a border of the deep raspberry, then a wide floral border, another deep raspberry, and bound with the lime green ... which should make for a quilt that won't get lost.

Five hours later ...

While still in the mood, I cut, sewed, and photographed Block 2, with the title of Something Borrowed.   Sorry I haven't used blue! 
I am enjoying making these blocks, which are simple, but accuracy is most important ... accuracy in cutting, and accuracy in keeping ¼" seam.  I would be untruthful to state I didn't have to use the quick unpick ~ but one seam needed a second attempt. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A new Quilt

It must be the time of year ... whatever that means!  The creative bug needs feeding.

I mentioned earlier that I am making a BOM quilt in Our Craft Forum.  I have no wish to race ahead and complete this project in a shorter period than designated ... there is a great temptation to do just this!! 

Yesterday, whilst shopping for fabric, it just happened that a selection of fabric, suitable for another BOM quilt, Nirvana, dropped into my shopping trolley, and not wishing to be nasty and toss it away, I of course, purchased same ... along with matching cottons.  As I am not tackling this quilt with others I am completely free to do it in the time span that suits my wishes; be it three months, or six.

The colours of fabrics available this season are vibrant and colourful ... the finished quilt should look great!  Another plus is the fact that I will have more practice in matching points.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another Mug Rug

Rug Mugs are fascinating little projects to make, and the variation is as endless as your imagination ... and talent!

My swapee in the Craft Forum suggested that the mug rug I made for her could find a home in her bedroom decorated in lime green, cream, purple and chocolate brown.  I hope she is happy with the result that is at this moment winging its way across to the  UK.

I sometimes wonder just how inattentive I can be!  The number of times I have forgotten to take a photo of the hexi swap flower is becoming embarrassing.  This time the envelope had slipped into the post box when the realisation dawned.  Maybe next month I will be less remiss?!
To compensate I have taken a photo of the lovely hexi flowers I have received.  I requested either blue or green flowers with a cream centre; the add-ons are ones I have made in a moment of boredom!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another Month

September and Spring arrive hand in hand, though the weather seems to lean back towards winter at the moment.  All the better to sit indoors and stitch!

Our Craft Forum has several swaps on the go, which gives me plenty to think about, and skills to put into practice.  The Row x Row Round Robin is almost at an end so I have spread my wings a little and put my hand up for other projects.

The mug rug swap proved interesting allowing scope for a small scale project to show a little imagination.  Mug rugs are on my list of possible Christmas gifts; this latest effort may be the first of many.
As well three of the ladies from the Craft Forum decided to do a BOM, Sentimental Journey, and invited those willing to join in.  For more details check out Vicki's blog.  With a little trepidation I have completed the first block, Stars Fell on Alabama, and am more or less happy with the result, especially considering that this is the first time I have tackled such a large block.  Since joining the Craft Forum I have extended myself well beyond my wildest dreams ... three years ago patchwork and quilting were crafts I wondered if I could do.  Sometimes it does pay to jump in and try!
I have ideas aplenty and fear that I will need to live to be well over 120 before I have a hope of tackling all of them, and no doubt by then the list will have grown even further. 

It does seem that as I flick through magazines it is cushions that capture my attention the most ... sadly a home can only have so many cushions!    A cushion I recently completed ...
As Christmas approaches it appears imperative I make a list!