Friday, September 23, 2011

Ask and Answer

Block 1 for the Nine Patch Nirvana Quilt BOM has the intriguing name of Ask and Answer, which is pretty logical!  Greatly enthusiastic I cut the pieces for this block last night, and this morning, after racing through the chores, of which washing was the major, I sat at the machine and sewed.

This block came together relatively easy and enthusiasm has not yet departed!

The completed blocks will have the lime green fabric [previous post] sashing, followed by a border of the deep raspberry, then a wide floral border, another deep raspberry, and bound with the lime green ... which should make for a quilt that won't get lost.

Five hours later ...

While still in the mood, I cut, sewed, and photographed Block 2, with the title of Something Borrowed.   Sorry I haven't used blue! 
I am enjoying making these blocks, which are simple, but accuracy is most important ... accuracy in cutting, and accuracy in keeping ¼" seam.  I would be untruthful to state I didn't have to use the quick unpick ~ but one seam needed a second attempt. 


Quiltin' Sandy said...

Shirl, I just LOVE that block- and the colours /fabric you have chosen is lovely. :) pink and green being my fav colours, too.

Stitchin' time said...

Nice block! The colours look even better put together like that.

Karen's Korner said...

You are working on some lovely quilts. I will be interested in following your progress.

Gloria said...

Shirl the blocks are beautiful. Love those colors too.