Friday, September 30, 2011

Down on the Farm Swap and another Mug Rug

Recently, in our Craft Forum, I participated in a Down on the Farm swap, which in essence allowed us to send something of a 'farming' nature to our partner.

Jeanette and I were paired up, and I made her a cushion, and included in the parcel a little 'sit on the shelf' cow.

Jeanette's parcel for me arrived yesterday.  Inside was the most gorgeous 'cow' doll, named Milkshake.  Her pockets were decorated with two 'cow' buttons, and around her neck she wore a cow bell.  Milkshake had a name tag on the back of her head, instantly giving this bovine a name.

As well as Milkshake Jeanette included some scrummy 'Bilby' chocolates, which didn't last long!  Chocolate is made for eating!  And that wasn't all ... a notebook with a cow on the front added to the surprise.

Our Craft Forum gives us the opportunity to participate in swaps of many types.  Another swap recently completed was a Mug Rug; this was sent to the UK

and I received a lovely mug rug from Celine in return.  Do you see the cute Teddy Bear tree trunk?


cheryl said...

It is fun to swap with friends who we have never met, isn't it?
Love the cow,,mmmmmmilkshake

Margarita said...

Lovely swap, the cushion is gorgeous, and so is Milkshake.