Thursday, February 23, 2012

Promises and Borders

Block 2 of Jenny of ELEFANTZ BOM is now completed.   These blocks are a joy to stitch ... nothing too difficult and an effective result at the end.  
Already it is obvious how delightful the completed quilt will be.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Blocks

So far this year I seem to be concentrating on BOM's, and although they take a year to complete there is none of that must rush and complete this before I begin something else.

In our Craft Forum I have joined a non-swap, but almost a swap, in that we do at least one block a month [chosen by those of us in this 'swap'] and post a photo before the end of the month.  Upon joining we forwarded some 'goodies' and at the end of the BOM those who posted photos are in the draw for the goodies ... divided into a few prizes.  This 'swap' not only saves on postage, it gives the member the opportunity to complete a quilt in her chosen colours.  We can add borders as desired.

As well I was rather taken with the Asian Teapot BOM

This is an applique BOM.  I am trying not to purchase new fabric for this BOM, but ... sadly ... on a trip to the fabric shop I broke that resolution.  Though, I hasten to add, a girl can not have too much fabric!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stormy Weather ... Sentimental Journey

Block 6, Stormy Weather of the Sentimental Journey BOM is complete.  I cut this out over a week ago, brought it south for something to do.  Taking photos in another place is a trial as I am not used to the lighting, but after a little 'adjusting' the colours are not too bad; perhaps a tad too pink?  The pale colour is actually cream.

The completion of this block means the half-way mark on making the blocks for this quilt, though I hasten to add there is a lot more to do after that!

Stormy weather ... well yes, it is topical as the weather has been unusual, though I would be fibbing if I said it was stormy.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wall hanging

My first attempt at a wall hanging, this for a swap [and as I haven't yet posted it away, and as I don't think the recipient looks in here] I am taking a chance.

Initially I was inclined to make an apron ... a couple of years ago I made several aprons and reckon I have them down to a fine art!   However an apron was not particularly welcome, and a wall hanging was suggested.  The mind went into overtime.  Thankfully I had not long before reorganised all my fabrics into their new abode, which did make the task of choosing very easy.  A piece of apple fabric had been purchased for some long forgotten project ... apples and kitchens seemed an apt equation.

I hope she likes it; I enjoyed making it.

Please excuse the poor photo ... wasn't at home when it was taken and finding a suitable hanging place in someone else's home isn't easy, especially when I was in a hurry.