Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stormy Weather ... Sentimental Journey

Block 6, Stormy Weather of the Sentimental Journey BOM is complete.  I cut this out over a week ago, brought it south for something to do.  Taking photos in another place is a trial as I am not used to the lighting, but after a little 'adjusting' the colours are not too bad; perhaps a tad too pink?  The pale colour is actually cream.

The completion of this block means the half-way mark on making the blocks for this quilt, though I hasten to add there is a lot more to do after that!

Stormy weather ... well yes, it is topical as the weather has been unusual, though I would be fibbing if I said it was stormy.


cheryl said...

It still looks lovely Shirley, Stormy or not!!! Are we half way?? I am getting keen now to get it done. I do like her designs, and found her website and sent an email telling her what we are doing, but she never replied, hope she is designing.

Margarita said...

Love your colours Shirley, I wish now that I had gone for blue, but I have sooo many blue ones already.