Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wall hanging

My first attempt at a wall hanging, this for a swap [and as I haven't yet posted it away, and as I don't think the recipient looks in here] I am taking a chance.

Initially I was inclined to make an apron ... a couple of years ago I made several aprons and reckon I have them down to a fine art!   However an apron was not particularly welcome, and a wall hanging was suggested.  The mind went into overtime.  Thankfully I had not long before reorganised all my fabrics into their new abode, which did make the task of choosing very easy.  A piece of apple fabric had been purchased for some long forgotten project ... apples and kitchens seemed an apt equation.

I hope she likes it; I enjoyed making it.

Please excuse the poor photo ... wasn't at home when it was taken and finding a suitable hanging place in someone else's home isn't easy, especially when I was in a hurry.


Liz said...

Very nice. Some lucky person is going to be very happy.

Ondrea said...

OOO someone is going to receive a lovely surprise. Just lovely.

Karen's Korner said...

Someone is going to get a gorgeous surprise in the mail.

bpllhall said...

Great fruit wall hanging, your ability to select the right colours is spot on.
Hopefully someone will really enjoy it.