Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Another beanie

Slowly but surely my balls of knitting wool are diminishing; another beanie completed making the odd balls of double-knit wool left only suitable for something with lots of stripes.  I feel that they may languish forever in their storage place!
I do like making stripy things; be they jumpers for small children or hats or crochet blankets, its the sewing together I am not so keen on ... matching the stripes can be extremely time consuming [and boring]. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015


I have been busy clicking knitting needles and have completed [and posted away] the two beanies 'ordered' on Sunday. 
Thankfully I was able to use wool here.  Knitting something as quick as these beanies give a real sense of satisfaction ... a job completed quickly.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A quilt and Other things

In spite of my absence from Blogger posting I have not been idle ... several small projects have kept me sewing, and just today No 2 son told me he had given his knitted hat to a friend who was so taken with it two more are ordered.  I hunted through my wool, of which I confess I do have a reasonable supply, and bought a pattern and have casted on.  Hopefully two beanies will be in the post by the end of the week.
Recently Jacquelynn Steves offered a free BOM, an offer I took up.  Her Sew Sweet Simplicity quilt is now complete.  What I especially liked about this BOM was it went for four weeks, the last two of which had two blocks on offer.  They were both lovely ... my quilt is a six block quilt!  My stash of fabric catered for this BOM ... but the stash barely seems to have diminished!
After a project that takes many hours I like to 'chill out' with something small and quick.  I had a more than reasonable amount of plaid fabrics and had long kept in the back of my mind a magazine pattern for a country Christmas table runner.  Another for the box!
After viewing a tutorial for a particular block of an easy pineapple I decided to put my new-found skills into another bag and was pleasantly surprised how quickly the pattern came together.  And how easy it was!
Now the knitting awaits!