Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wee House

Not being a keen sportsperson and as sometimes I feel the need to indulge in a little activity in that direction, a spot of surfing seemed suitable.

I clicked the cursor, surfing the 'Net and came upon a site I never had the pleasure of visiting before. On the sidebar of Retro Mama some of the cutest miniature houses I have ever seen captured my attention. Having a spare moment [or as it turned out, a couple of days, mainly because household chores took up some of that time] I decided on a realistic house. Many of the houses in Retro Mama's blog were whimsical ... time for them another day. When finding a new idea it is imperative that I make a trial model ... then any perfections of my making are ironed out.
The front

and the back

The completed wee house is cute ... I have plans to make more!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Promises and Borders Block 5

Jenny of elefantz has given us the fifth block of her Promises & Borders BOM, and once again the stitching of this block filled in three evenings of pleasant stitching.

The simplicity of design and verses promise to make this BOM a real treasure.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our Craft Forum BOM

Two months have passed.  I forgot to post a photo of April's block ... Brasstown Star
The block I chose for May was Beacon Lights, which gave the option of regular piecing, or paper piecing.  I chose regular piecing even though I had to add seams to the pattern pieces. 
It wasn't until I had completed the block, and measured it, that I was happy in the realisation I had worked out the sum correctly!

My camera isn't picking up the colours all that well.  The spotty fabric is actually a rather rich cream, and the flowery fabric has pretty mauve flowers on a greyish background. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I've Got Rythmn

Block 9 of Sentimental Journey, "I've Got Rythmn" was completed in record time, and only one tiny seam was unpicked!
There are 12 blocks to this quilt, which leaves three to complete, but the borders etc will take more than a moment.  I am enjoying this BOM, one a month leaves the interest high and each month I am eager to make a start on the next.