Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Knitting finished

Two years ago, at least, I began a jumper in merino possum yarn ... I had made one previously, misjudged the size and it was too big.  Tentatively I began another, not sure if I had enough yarn that was bought in New Zealand ... if there wasn't enough the problem would be how would I access more wool easily.  So, progress was slow.

The back completed, I decided to make a sleeve, which would allow me to be halfway there.  Hooray, I had enough, though to be honest the front and the other sleeve were not finished promptly.
Now, at the end of winter, the jumper for Significant Other is now finished.  The weather is almost too warm for this jumper to have much use this year, but next year it should come into it's own!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Asian Teapots, blocks 6 & 7

How many of you are doing the Asian teapot BOM?  A different gorgeous teapot each month has not proved taxing, even though I tend to do two at a time.

Block 6 is particularly pretty and I can easily picture such a teapot and cup taking of place at an afternoon tea party; ladies dressed in feminine dresses and daintily nibbling on cucumber sandwiches and tiny cup cakes.  A thing of the past?  Sadly that could be true, but one can still imagine.
Block 7 is definitely an everyday teapot and mug!  No frills and flounces and pretty dresses there.