Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Asian Teapots, blocks 6 & 7

How many of you are doing the Asian teapot BOM?  A different gorgeous teapot each month has not proved taxing, even though I tend to do two at a time.

Block 6 is particularly pretty and I can easily picture such a teapot and cup taking of place at an afternoon tea party; ladies dressed in feminine dresses and daintily nibbling on cucumber sandwiches and tiny cup cakes.  A thing of the past?  Sadly that could be true, but one can still imagine.
Block 7 is definitely an everyday teapot and mug!  No frills and flounces and pretty dresses there.


Ondrea said...

Gorgeous appliques!!

Karen's Korner said...

Those teapots are just gorgeous. I am not a tea person but even I could enjoy a cup from them.