Sunday, March 30, 2014

Easter chook

Easter is on the horizon and while thoughts stray to chocolate and chocolate let us also remember the reason for Easter.
Youngest grandson tends to become hyped up when over-indulged in sugary treats, and this includes chocolate.  This year I have stitched Red Brolly's hen, and with the purchase of a couple of fluffy chickens and a small supply of eggs in the nest hopefully we will avoid too much hyper activity.
This chook, called La Verne in the tutorial is a wonderful addition to Easter decorations; she is easy on the eye, with the additional plus of not increasing the waist line. 
My chook, a plainer version, is a speckled hen has the bonus of being able to be stored from one year to the other.  Heather has tartan wings in keeping with her Scottish heritage.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Music and the last fish

Although my blogging has been slack my sewing has occupied a lot of time.  I didn't make any new year's resolutions as they are easily broken, but have promised myself to spend less time 'researching' and more time stitching.
Youngest son has a birthday next month and as he is a lover of music I decided on a cushion ... the first one I made was not his colour-way!! He does use it because it is comfortable.  Mother took the hint, searched the 'Net for more musical fabric that arrived from overseas at the end of last week.   I began with the cushion and to use up much of the fabric added a table topper. 
Earlier in the month I completed Stanley, the last of the fish BOM ... I do have all the where-with-all to complete this quilt but as yet have no idea where/who it will end up with. 
In 2012 I made all the blocks for the Sentimental Journey quilt.  Since then it has sat ... stored.   My Janome machine does not have a wide throat and the thought of quilting a large quilt sent shivers down my spine.  Another search of the 'Net gave me a way out!  Quilt as you go ... QAYG.  Two rows are completed ... the anxiety the maker of headaches, but now I have had a break with the cushion and table topper the old 'lets get into it' is beginning to surge through the blood stream.  There are borders to be added ... maybe a completion date by Easter?