Sunday, March 23, 2014

Music and the last fish

Although my blogging has been slack my sewing has occupied a lot of time.  I didn't make any new year's resolutions as they are easily broken, but have promised myself to spend less time 'researching' and more time stitching.
Youngest son has a birthday next month and as he is a lover of music I decided on a cushion ... the first one I made was not his colour-way!! He does use it because it is comfortable.  Mother took the hint, searched the 'Net for more musical fabric that arrived from overseas at the end of last week.   I began with the cushion and to use up much of the fabric added a table topper. 
Earlier in the month I completed Stanley, the last of the fish BOM ... I do have all the where-with-all to complete this quilt but as yet have no idea where/who it will end up with. 
In 2012 I made all the blocks for the Sentimental Journey quilt.  Since then it has sat ... stored.   My Janome machine does not have a wide throat and the thought of quilting a large quilt sent shivers down my spine.  Another search of the 'Net gave me a way out!  Quilt as you go ... QAYG.  Two rows are completed ... the anxiety the maker of headaches, but now I have had a break with the cushion and table topper the old 'lets get into it' is beginning to surge through the blood stream.  There are borders to be added ... maybe a completion date by Easter?


Karen's Korner said...

I love the musical fabric that you have chosen for the cushion and tabletopper. I am looking forward to seeing all your lovely fish rounded up in the one spot.

Anonymous said...

such beautiful work Shirley,well done.xx