Thursday, September 22, 2011

A new Quilt

It must be the time of year ... whatever that means!  The creative bug needs feeding.

I mentioned earlier that I am making a BOM quilt in Our Craft Forum.  I have no wish to race ahead and complete this project in a shorter period than designated ... there is a great temptation to do just this!! 

Yesterday, whilst shopping for fabric, it just happened that a selection of fabric, suitable for another BOM quilt, Nirvana, dropped into my shopping trolley, and not wishing to be nasty and toss it away, I of course, purchased same ... along with matching cottons.  As I am not tackling this quilt with others I am completely free to do it in the time span that suits my wishes; be it three months, or six.

The colours of fabrics available this season are vibrant and colourful ... the finished quilt should look great!  Another plus is the fact that I will have more practice in matching points.

1 comment:

Margarita said...

OOOOOO Shirley love those fabrics, I might have to go look at the pattern.
Go for it girl