Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another Mug Rug

Rug Mugs are fascinating little projects to make, and the variation is as endless as your imagination ... and talent!

My swapee in the Craft Forum suggested that the mug rug I made for her could find a home in her bedroom decorated in lime green, cream, purple and chocolate brown.  I hope she is happy with the result that is at this moment winging its way across to the  UK.

I sometimes wonder just how inattentive I can be!  The number of times I have forgotten to take a photo of the hexi swap flower is becoming embarrassing.  This time the envelope had slipped into the post box when the realisation dawned.  Maybe next month I will be less remiss?!
To compensate I have taken a photo of the lovely hexi flowers I have received.  I requested either blue or green flowers with a cream centre; the add-ons are ones I have made in a moment of boredom!

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Vicki ♥ said...

The mug rug has turned out fabulous Shirl and I am sure it will be recieved with delight. Love the hexie flowers too :) I mostly scan the small things as to me its a bit easier than getting the camera all set up and the item set up as well. Have a great day :) Hugs Vicki x