Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Bag

This year I am surprising even myself with the amount of projects tackled AND completed.

For some time I have had it in my mind to make a bag.  An older cousin who much prefers navy blue [personally I like black as my base colour] has a birthday in April, and as we usually exchange small gifts, her name headed the list [well if there were a list it would be a mile long and its length would no doubt put me off sewing, or any crafting for life!].

The choice of a pattern was difficult.  Nearly all the bag books published here in Australia are in my possession; many bags per book!  Of course half the fun of a project is in the choosing; which pattern, what colours, and once those ideas have gelled a new direction has to be taken as no suitable fabric is available!  I can see how some folks design fabrics!

Pattern chosen, fabric purchased, the making task presented itself.  This bag was not difficult, though I was rather disappointed that the instructions were incorrect : whether this was the fault of the magazine or the designer I am not sure.  But a challenge was issued.  I couldn't cut up good fabric and not complete the project.  The juggling required was mainly in my mind, and it is amazing how going to sleep on a problem solves that problem.
The completed bag!  I am happy with the result, even the addition of an internal pocket.


Ondrea said...

Lovely fabrics, lovely colour selection, lovely bag! Any spares? LOL

suzie said...

Ooh nice bag.