Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sentimental Journey Quilt ~ Block 2

October, a new month, and another block in the Sentimental Journey block.

I delayed starting this second block as I had other works in progress that needed finishing, especially a Mystery Swap, which needless to say, shall remain a mystery until the end of the month.  Suffice to say ... it is completed!
When November comes around I must remember to cut block three one day, and sew it the next.  I made the mistake this time of beginning cutting after lunch, with the idea the whole exercise would be complete by my bedtime.  Wrong!  For some reason I didn't cut all the pieces, and after sitting sewing realised my mistake.  By then tiredness crept over me, but at least I could see progress.

In the beginning I was tempted to 'race ahead' and do them all, but that madness has dissipated!  One a month is enough, though I am pleased with the final effect.

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cheryl said...

Nice colours, very 'manly'! Is funny about racing ahead, that hit me also during the first month and thank goodness I resisted,, sooo much on my plate at the moment!