Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Moment for Bragging

Every so often a girl needs to brag just a little; you know the moment when you realise what you have completed is actually rather nice.

Recently I was in another swap, this time the swap was a mystery ... to the recipient, though for some time what I would make remained a mystery to me as well.  Finally I decided on a table topper, an article that might  be of some use.  Knowing, from another swap, my swapee's choice of colours made the selection of cottons easy.  A pattern from one of my many [I could admit to having a few plastic boxes of magazines containing patterns, but will refrain from saying what size of box] hoarded magazines provided inspiration with every stitch. 

Duly completed and posted off, received and opened, allows me to show a photo of the table topper.
I will admit that the temptation to make another one for myself, and maybe as a gift next Christmas to a family member, is great. 


Liz said...

I thinkk it is beautiful. Well worth bragging about!!!

bpllhall said...

Enjoy looking at your creations, also like the book bags