Thursday, July 12, 2012

A learning curve

How do we approach a new craft?  I will admit to procrastinating over socks for many years.  The idea of four needles scared me.  However many years ago I found a lovely pattern for a yoked jumper with fair isle on the yoke ... but by then those magic needles with cat-gut like stuff in the middle were around.  I coped!

Gloves were an important accessory in the cooler part of NZ where I spent most of my life, but there were lots of glove patterns on 2 needles! 

The ear flap hats featured earlier were on those magic needles, but I changed to 4 needles when near the end as I spent too much time shuffling stitches along the 'cat gut' insertion.

Everywhere people were knitting socks!  I procrastinated for weeks, but after a member of the DTE Forum posted a pattern for sports socks that wouldn't waste too much wool should I make a real blunder, I crossed the bridge [so to say].  Not wishing to buy new wool ... waste not, want not, is a mantra I almost follow, I hunted through my 'wool stash', and yes I have a considerable haul of that as well, I found some 4-ply, bought a set of double pointed needles at the Op Shop for $1, and excuses ran out.

The first sock is complete! 
I agree it leaves a lot to be desired, especially in closing the toe in Kitchener Stitch, which I had never attempted before.  Thank goodness for U-tube!!!  Now I have it's mate to complete, and yesterday whilst in my favourite craft shop I found sock wool.  Yes, I succumbed!  Two balls, each sufficient for one pair of socks, travelled home with me.  Next winter [I know my limitations, and I do have other projects screaming for attention] I will be the proud possessor of two pair of lovely warm socks!!  [she says, with fingers crossed.]


Robyn said...

The way you are knitting you may take the finish off those needles! I usually leave this to eldest DD as she is the family knitter but I may have to try the ear flap hats as August is yet to arrive and beanies don't prevent chilled ears in 40km+ winter winds :(. A nice pair of dry fluffy socks, after being in the wet garden, would be a bonus for my feet too :).

Ondrea said...

Well, from someone who never even considers attempting to knit socks, I reckon you are very very clever!

bpllhall said...

you remind me of mum knitting socks on 4 needles .
I hav eonly ever knitted them on 2 , the kids and grandkids have had lots over the years