Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ooops, slow to post

June scampered away and already this year is over half-way through.  Needless to say the list of my projected projects for 2012 has not shortened as weekly I find other items that scream to be added. 

With the almost confirmation that the Higgs Boson particle exists perhaps the next hope for mankind is space travel to a place where time goes slower?  I hope we have the opportunity to participate in such time-travel, and that there will be room for my sewing machine, my increasing stash of fabrics, my knitting needles and yarn, not to mention the fast-growing number of magazines that I must buy just in case a pattern catches my eye.

I haven't been idle!  Well for almost a week I felt a little under the weather; not enough to send me to bed, but enough to slow me down.  I blame those folk who insist on going shopping when they should be home; those same folk who sneeze while rotating their head and do not possess a handkerchief nor a tissue ... germs simply love that freedom and increase in number with glee.

Christmas is less than 6-months away!  I have begun on my 'list'.  A table runner that is rather large; I anticipate it's use on a wooden outdoor table for the Christmas feast.
Weather in NZ has been wintry, with snow and icy conditions.  Bearing this in mind, plus the fact I was for a few days, completely 'sewn out' I embarked on a knitting spree.  Woolen hats seemed the order of the day, although I originally intended only making a pair of gloves for youngest grandson.  When they were completed it seemed sensisble to carry on and make ear-flap hats from a pattern found via Google ... Norwegian star earflaphat.  It is many years since I have used double pointed knitting needles, you know the ones with what looks like fishing line holding the points together!  The first hat was a trial, but my technique did improve.

Today I have just completed a bag for a swap, but as my swappee has broken a wrist, I will wait before posting a photo.

What next?  Well ... there are two BOM blocks to be made,plus  another BOM from Promises and Borders by Jenny of Elefantz, and a couple of cushions for a birthday next month. 

At least that should keep me out of mischief!

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Karen's Korner said...

You are off to a good start with your Christmas sewing. It looks like you have a few projects coming up. I look forward to seeing them completed.