Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Puppets for Grandson

The last several days were spent constructing glove puppets for my littlest grandson.  I used the Annie Smith pattern provided in Australian 'Homespun' magazine, Vol.13, 10.   The magazine came out towards the end of last year and as it was my intention to give the story book as well as the puppets work didn't commence until recently ... because ... I had to buy the book on-line; it was not available in any of the bookshops I searched, and even garage sales ended up as dead-ends. 
Initially I considered I could 'whip these up' in a couple of days ... not so.  It took a couple of days for each puppet, though I will admit I didn't sit and work at them all day.  [And I should read instructions more carefully as well].  However at the end of the project I looked at them lined up and a smile came to my face.
I hope little grandson, and his parents who will need to work some of the puppets as they read the story, enjoy these puppets.  


Anonymous said...

thats such a beautiful thing to do Shirley and they look fantastic,love that they can read the book to them as well,great idea.xx

Karen's Korner said...

What a nice change from all the gadgets that kids seem to be swamped with these days. Something that all the family can be included in.

Nanna Chel said...

I just love those puppets, Shirley. My mum made some for my children many years ago and I kept them and gave them to my daughter when she had her own children. You are very talented.

Liz said...

The puppets are gorgeous. i am sure the family will enjoy:)