Friday, August 9, 2013


Christmas is coming!  In spite of good intentions little time has been given to the coming festive season ... until I visited Spotlight [the place where fabric has a habit of jumping off the shelves into my trolley.  Oh yes I always take a trolley; a basket is simply too small!]  Mindlessly browsing with no particular purchases in mind suddenly my eyes were drawn to the Christmas selection of fabrics.  I really didn't need any but when I noticed the fabric designed into bunting, well ... the level of resistance slipped to below zero.
Recently I have noticed that bunting figures a lot in the crafting world.  The addition of bunting to a scene immediately adds a touch of whimsy; brightens the spirits and to me brings back scenes from childhood.  The fact that there were 30 different flags on each section had the mind swirling with good intentions.  I purchased two 'sections' without perusing the instructions too closely. 
Yesterday I read the instructions.  Mmmm ... two methods were mentioned; one entails using fusible webbing to hold them together.  The cost of the completed bunting that would at the most see daylight two weeks each year made the project in that form just a little expensive.  I decided to see what ideas were on the Internet.  It took seconds!
The idea I ran with was to stitch two flags together with no fusible webbing.  Simple!  The sewing is completed, but I have no bias binding to hold them together.   No two flags are the same. 
Christmas is a wee way away ... I will need to visit Spotlight next trip to the city ... then I will be able to complete what I trust will be a brightener to the festive season.


Nanna Chel said...

Lovely fabric, Shirley. I plan to make some bunting for my girl to sell. Could you make your own bias binding to match? I found a really good tutorial online once which used about 1/2 metre fabric and it made heaps of binding. It was made a little differently from most of the tutorials I have read.

I received a $10 voucher from Spotlight for my birthday so am going in there today but seeing as I have just 'decluttered' some of my fabric stash I might buy something for my granddaughters instead of fabric. :)

Liz said...

Lovely . should brighten up any home.

Anonymous said...

wow Shirley this will look awesome i am about to start one also,well done.xx

Farm Fancies said...

Very bright and cheerful!

Ondrea said...

What a great idea! Love the fabrics.

Thecurateswife said...

Ah, you have mentioned Christmas before me! I love bunting but for us it is summer fetes and shows that have bunting. Shall introduce Christmas bunting to my there is a thought!