Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The days are flying by and with the advent of warm weather Christmas cannot be too far around the corner.  I have things I hope to make before then! 
My big project was the Scottish themed quilt which I will show a photo of at another date. 
Two or three years ago I made a Christmas swag from what was then a free pattern and is still available at a reasonable cost here  I loved the finished swag and this year when it became evident that a Big Family Christmas was on the cards I decided to make another, albeit framing it to suit the room of the recipient.
As well I have completed another fish [my name for it is Shy Susie] from    This BOM offers free patterns if you download them each month, but they are available for purchase.
Several projects are waiting their turn to be completed!!!  The sewing machine cover is seldom on it. 


Anonymous said...

such a gorgeous banner Shirley and i am loving these fish blocks,well done.xx

Nanna Chel said...

That banner looks great, Shirley. You are certainly very talented. I wish I had a sewing room and could just leave my sewing on the sewing table instead of having to pack everything up every time I sew something. The joys of living with a hoarder. :-)

susan nieuwoudt said...

Thanks for the visit and your banner is so cute. I just love making banners but dont have the time at the moment. Its will be a while before I am able to show my blocks together.