Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A bear that I named Brenda

Another challenge over at HGTV Board, and being one who thrives on a challenge, had to enter.
This time we forwarded payment for half a yard of 'ugly' fabric which featured where the wild things are.  Evidently this is a book, one of which I have no knowledge but by all accounts it is quite a favourite.
In due course the fabric arrived; already I had chosen a pattern, that of a bear that appeared in a recent magazine.  I had thought of making a quilt, but in all honesty just could not see who I could present a quilt that incorporated this fabric. 
Although the bear in the pattern had another name; to me she was Brenda.  I was in the 'also rans' and Brenda was the only entry that wasn't a quilt, all of which showed great imagination and talent. 
Don't you just love that face?


Anonymous said...

Wow Shirley Brenda is fabulous,well done.xx

Nanna Chel said...

I just love Brenda, Shirley. She is just so cute with that expression on her face.

bpllhall said...

What a lovely expression on her face.
Read the book plenty of times Sandra gave it to Sean.

Ondrea said...

WOW!!!! You are soooo clever. Brends is gorgeous! LOve the name and love her face.

Karen's Korner said...

Brenda looks like a wise old mamma bear sitting on her chair. Lovely work.

Liz said...

Brenda is lovely. You are very clever.