Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blue on blue

Recently a lovely FQ of blue roses caught my eye. I couldn't resist it, though I had no idea how I would use it.

It didn't take long for inspiration to kick in. First I made a table mat; then a table runner. They are similar in appearance as the table mat didn't turn out how I imagined. I made a mess up of the centre ... it should have been set into the middle like the table centre. Never mind! I simply turned it around, and had I not told you, I doubt if you would have known.

I also made a hexi flower out of the left-overs ... much nicer than bubble and squeak out of left-over cabbage and potatoes?! The hexi flower is already winging its way across Australia as part of a swap, and when I went to down-size the photo, I found a piece of cotton thread draped unbecomingly across the middle. Therefore ... no photo suitable for here.

Now I have the unenveniable task of wrapping my little pieces of stitching in Christmas paper in readiness for the post tomorrow ... envelopes, wrapping paper, and customs declarations at the ready!

In actual fact what better undertaking on a hot day [temperature is 40 degrees inside ... whew!], than to get into the spirit of Christmas.


Nuestras meriendas y manualidades said...

I love patworkt,for me is very dificult.Kisses,Aurori

bpllhall said...

great handiwork