Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lavender Blue?

On our recent trip to Perth I purchased a bag of lavender. Two years ago I attempted to grow lavender bushes, but the heat of summer combined with our absence for a few days, meant the demise of those bushes. And I had such high hopes!

There is only one alternative if growing lavender fails ... buy some.

As there were a few FQ's in suitable lavender shades it didn't take long to construct half a dozen lavender sachets. Their perfume permeates the room. One of my long held dreams, only a dream I hasten to add, is to sleep on freshly laundered lavender perfumed sheets every night. As I have no desire to change the sheets every day, this remains a dream.

I will place two of these sachets in the drawer where I store the sheets. That way my dream is partially realised, and who wants to achieve a dream 100% anyway? One needs a dream.

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Liz said...

Sorry to tell you this. :) I have just managed to pick some beautiful lavender today, before we got more rain. I love the smell. Put it every where. Your sachets look lovely.