Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Recently radio commentators suggest that making a list, prioritorising projects, is the way to go.

Dear oh dear! I have a list, but the priority of each project differs from day to day, depending on my mood. For instance; while in New Zealand visiting my new little grandson, and his parents, I promised to make winter sheets for his bed. The winter in South Otago can be cool! I purchased some blue, for a boy, flannelette and have hemmed one; the other in order of priority will be sewn this afternoon. Of course hemming sheets should be a simple task, but it is boring, which is why one still needs completing.

There is a reason for all my procrastinations ... usually the word boring features. While nosing around my favourite fabric/craft store I happened upon some knitting cotton. Also, while in New Zealand, I visited an old friend who was busily knitting dishcloths. It was great to discover such a mundane, once upon a time essential task, being undertaken as a project. She had several balls, and parts thereof, of colourful knitting cotton and the bundle of completed cloths was impressive. The pattern was simple, one that I memorised easily enough, so, the ball of cotton quickly morphed into a dishcloth. The deep blue of the dishcloth contrasts well against the cot sheet.

Recently we attended a garage sale. I blame my partner for this as he has introduced me to the fine art of garage sale shopping, though I must state here and now I do have more will-power than him in purchasing temptingly displayed items; other folks unwanteds. This particular sale held no interest for him at all; he took one quick look and retired to the vehicle. The garage was full of pieces of fabric done up in colour co-ordinated plastic bags. I wish we had attended a few moments earlier! Some women were carrying large cartons of supplies. I fossicked around finally choosing two packets, one of which held, amongst other delicious pieces, a large fat-quarter of an autumn toned floral fabric. It screamed out to be made into something! Our couch is a donkey brown ...just made for an autumn-toned cushion.

I blame that cushion for the delay in completing hemming the cot sheets. As for my priority list ... well it should have at the very top a gum-leaf quilt on which I am making excellent progress, and once The Farmer's Wife quilt book arrives I will make every endeavour to hand sew [which means I can pick it up whenever without needing to use the sewing machine] a few blocks every week.

But as I say ... these priorities may change ... as does the weather. Who needs to live by a list?

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