Monday, April 25, 2011

Works in Progress and Completed

Summer has gone, leaving behind the glorious cooler days of Autumn. Rain as yet hasn't fallen, perhaps in May?

With the onset of cooler days, and evenings, I find it is easier to knit, or sew, or dream of new projects.

One particular project that has been a work in progress [WIP does sound such a strange name ... work in progress gives a project that is taking longer than anticipated, for many reasons ranging from getting over involved in a new project, or a more painstaking methodology of creating, a reason for being slow] is a gum leaf quilt. In the magazine it was named "Gum leaves in the Pool, and worked in blues and browns. Blue hardly suits the place I have in mind for it, so ... I call this work "Gum leaves on the Ground".

Promising to knit a helmet and mittens for my little grandson in New Zealand, I have at last completed two sets, one blue and one white. A jacket that has been underway for more than two months is finally completed as well ... these will wing their way across the Tasman by the end of this week.

Today I really should be getting on with the Gum Leaves, as there are less than a dozen blocks to needle-turn appliqué, but ... isn't there always a but to keep the mind busy ... I have an idea of making two [at the moment] mug rugs, but this time in the shape of a hexagon. As well ... this project enveloped my thoughts just two days ago, [which does go to show that while my fingers might be a tad slow, at least the ideas are flowing], I really must attempt foundation piecing ... the fabric has been rinsed in anticipation of trying this method.

Thank goodness for cooler weather! Both mind and fingers function better when the blistering heat has departed.

On my list of must begin shortly is an apron for a dear friend back in New Zealand. I have an idea!


Vicki ♥ said...

Shirl I love your knitted hats and mittens and jacket. It reminds me of my Mum knitting up heaps of things for my first baby...many years ago now. I loved the things she made. Your gum leaves are going to look great too. Hugs Vicki xx

bpllhall said...

have just started the jersey , time has flown.
Your helmet, mitten sets look good