Monday, May 30, 2011


After many months of starting and stopping with the Gum Leaf quilt it is finally completed.  Choosing the border fabric was not as difficult as I originally thought ... two fabrics put their hand up for selection as I wandered along the bolts of fabric.
 Last night, when patience was beginning to wear thin [after all I had raked and wheelbarrowed ten barrows of litter ... coincidently gum leaves] as I was steaming along in fine style on quilting the outer border I hit a safety pin.  Yes, I know ... I should have removed it sooner, but [and there is always a but, or an excuse, or reason] I must have been exceeding the speed limit and reached it sooner than anticipated.  Well ... I broke the needle, which in itself is not a catastrophe.  However when I attempted to put in a new needle I just couldn't find the right place.  I tried, and tried,  Patience wore thinner by the second!  Determination was stronger. I had to give in whilst I dished up dinner, though eating was automatic as my mind was grappling with the needle situation.

After reading the Instruction Book [if all else fails read the instruction book!], I began to wonder if the sudden halt because of the broken needle had actually damaged a part.  One little piece I decided might be better if pulled down.  Nothing to be lost I thought, as if that didn't work it would mean a trip to the Sewing Machine Doctor, and I have more things to do this week than that.

Gingerly I eased down the little piece and lo ... and behold ... the needle fitted in.  And ... the machine worked.
Today I hand-stitched the binding ... Now the quilt adorns the couch, where, even if I say so myself, it looks grand.


RobynK said...

Looks great!

Margarita said...

It turned out lovely. Good Job!!!

Gloria said...

Very Pretty, love the colors too!