Saturday, August 20, 2011


While it has been some time since I posted that time has not been idly spent.  The sewing machine, and I, have been busy.

When I first purchased the Janome, my first real electric machine, I thought the stubborn foot-control was simply my lack of experience.  Although the machine is only three and a half years old from the beginning I had to 'put my foot down' more than once to get the machine to work.  Recently it became more stubborn; sometimes racing ahead stitching even with my foot off the pedal.  I knew then the fault lay more in the foot-control than my foot/brain co-ordination, and after a chat with the shop where it was purchased I discovered these foot-controls sometimes need repairing, or replacing.  Mine was replaced last weekend.  Now I have a machine that works perfectly and is a pleasure to use.

Since my last posting I did make a reversable apron for a swap, but forgot to take a picture, much to my regret as it was rather cute.  And of course I have stitched a few hexagons for swaps and didn't bother to photograph them either.

After completing another row for the Round Robin in a Tam's Patch block, I decided the block was rather lovely, and simple ... an added bonus.  As my stash has grown considerably [one buys fabric knowing that one day they will be useful!], and having colours that went well I decided to update 'my chair'.
This chair, while not exactly the most modern, is comfortable and allows me to sit with my feet curled under me [a favourite position] while I embroider, or sew bindings on quilts, or read, or do cryptic crosswords etc.  The chair was purchased for the mighty sum of $5 from a garage sale, or was it the Op Shop ... I forget now, but that is by the by.  It was covered in Autumn toned fabric, which was rather dating.  A small project, not only to add to the chairs charms, but also to allow me to wallow in the freedom of my new foot-control pedal, I have made a quilt cover for the chair.  In choosing to quilt this cover I am attempting to improve my quilting skills in readiness for when [WHEN] I have completed The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt, which I know will be a long task.

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Liz said...

Chair looks lovely now. sounds like you have been busy.