Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas is Coming

Christmas with all its excitement is looming!  As I was presented with a little grandchild earlier in the year what else could a doting Nana do but make a little gift, one that will last for several years.

Deciding between a stocking or a Santa Sack a search through my library of magazines made the choice easy ... a Santa Sack.  Santa is taking it easy at the moment ... afterall he has a few weeks before his round-the-world trip!
For his first Christmas I will fill the sack; while his parents will have that pleasure in the coming years.


Lucky-1 said...

Snap Shirley, as I too am making a Santa sack for Cooper's first Christmas.:)


Karen's Korner said...

Enjoy filling up the lovely Santa sack.

Michell said...

Very Nice Shirley. Was only thinking tonight to make a Stocking for my nephew in Aussie but that santa sack looks great

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Looks great, Shirl, so does the cushion you made. :)