Saturday, November 26, 2011

A New Toy

When I purchased my first computer, in New Zealand, a scanner and printer were included in the 'deal'.  Alas, when selling-up a decision had to be made; the computer, and its associated accessories were passed on to youngest son ... there was neither rhyme nor reason to cart their combined bulk across the Tasman.

I may have mentioned previously that a normal Saturday morning often includes a visit to a garage sale.  Sometimes there are bargains, sometimes not; the fun is in looking.  This morning came up trumps!  No 1 house offered girl's clothing ~ not in the market for that; it also had an excellent selection of books, and in spite of the fact that we need yet another bookcase, I chose three.

House No 2 didn't look promising from the road.  A few trestle tables that didn't appear heavily laden clung to the walls of the garage, almost like a wall flower at a dance sitting unobtrusively in the certainty she would be bypassed by the roaming males.  But ... on closer inspection I spied a scanner; same brand as what I previously owned, and this time the CD was included [unlike a scanner for sale several months ago minus the all important CD ... the lady in charge that day looked blank at my enquiry for the relevant CD ... I often wonder if she managed to find a buyer]. 

The scanner is home and installed.  What use is a scanner if one doesn't use it!?  Finding a black and white photo all of 40 years old I tried my luck.  In spite of not having a clue what to do the image appeared, albeit as faded as the original.  Not a problem.  I have another programme to sort that.

I had heard that some folks use their scanner, in place of a camera, for craft work.  OK ... Just having completed a hexagon mug rug suitable for Christmas I placed it in the scanner, pushed a button, and hey presto ...

I see now that in my haste the mug-rug wasn't placed squarely, but it did work.  Little gifts, like this, will end up at someone's house in time for December 25th.


Stitchin' time said...

Good job scanning and it's easier than taking photos and worrying about whether the light is right.

Liz said...

What a good idea. saves all the worry. Sounds like you have a great timat Garage sales

bpllhall said...

What a wonderful time you will have not

bpllhall said...

"not" should of been "now" !!