Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gift giving

Near the beginning of this year I determined that many of the gifts I sent would be 'handmade', as somehow Christmas has become so commercial as to be ridiculous.

I did begin early stashing completed items away in a big plastic box.  Yet once again as the 25th draws near and as I found patterns crying out to be made, I have engaged in a rush to make more.  Already that box is empty; many gifts that needed posting are winging their way across the oceans, and I am still stitching.

This little table topper has a simple charm.  Over the years I have purchased fat q's of Christmas fabric, having I will confess, no particular project in mind.  Two or three early in the season, followed by another couple in the sales does tend to appreciate [as interest in a bank?].  Two table toppers down, a third, that is destined to stay at home, almost complete.  And, there is fabric for another two or three next year!  Oh, I will need to purchase fabric for the outer border, but isn't that what sale time is for?
This table topper would look equally delightful in colours to suit a particular kitchen or dining room ... that idea is in the back of my mind for an easy sewing project during the year.

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