Friday, December 16, 2011

Town Square

It seems absolutely ages since I attempted a block of the Nine Patch Nirvana quilt, but after successfully tackling a Sentimental Journey block yesterday, and with time on my hands [!!] out came the fabric for block 4.
It is easy to see how this block was named Town Square:  four substantial red brick buildings in the outer corner of the square ... church, school, library and council chambers?    Or do you have other ideas?  Grassy paths lead to the town square where folks congregate and exchange news and gossip.  The cream pieces?  Shops and other incidentals to daily life.

These blocks are a breeze, a lot less work than the Sentimental Journey and I feel guilty at such a quick finish; almost feel the need to start another!  But!  Commonsense does reign at times. 

1 comment:

Margarita said...

Great going Shirley, looks good.
But where did you find the "time on your hands"?