Thursday, December 15, 2011

As Time Goes By

Block 4 in the Sentimental Journey quilt is completed!  At the beginning of December I wondered if time would allow its start, little alone completion, but this morning I posted off what I think is the end of my Christmas mail, came home, had a coffee, read a little short story, and decided to start on Block 4, As Time Goes By ... time might go by too fast if that start wasn't made.

In spite of a muggy early afternoon I cut and stitched; a cooler strong wind whistled past the sewing machine in the mid afternoon; a decided plus!
Result ... block 4 finished ... and no need to think about block 5 until next month ... next year!


Margarita said...

Your block looks better every time I see it, oh how I wish I had gone for blue, It is fun making these

Ondrea said...

I loove those blocks, so pretty.