Saturday, June 16, 2012

Potholders and dishcloths

I have recently been involved in a global swap ... in that the swappees came from many locations across the world.  The swap was for a pair of pot holders, plus a little something of the sender's choice.

I love swaps!  And a swap article made quickly I love even more!  The problem of what colour to use solved itself as I sorted through my [not inconsiderable] stash.  A bright print featuring cherries and flowers, teamed with red, would brighten any kitchen ... and be useful into the bargain.

I also forwarded a mug rug as 'the little extra'.

Often when involved in BOM's I find myself in need of a little break, an urge to actually complete a wee project there and then. 

Dishcloths fall into that category.  A couple more to add to my growing pile of instant gifts.  These dishcloths are knitted from a cotton bamboo yarn and I can assure you that they are excellent not only in their usage, but in their longevity.  I have been using two dark cream dishcloths [washing them in a cold water wash each wash day] and they show no sign of wearing out. 

Another swap I entered into was for a Christmas in July gift ... Walter the Snowman was a lot of fun to construct!  One or two more of them are high on my agenda.

Doesn't he look superb?!

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Ondrea said...

So many lovely swap projects there! I love swaps but banned myself from any this year so I would have time to finish my own projects. It seems to be working but I do miss swapping.