Friday, June 1, 2012

Asian teapots

Earlier in the year I began the Asian Teapots BOM but have been extremely slack in posting photos ... rectifying that now!

The first five are completed.  Recently when shopping in the northern city I came across a coffee shop that sells not only coffee in all its various styles [a window display featured coffee beans scattered on the base ... glorious!], but it also sells teapots/coffee pots and cups and saucers in a wonderful array of shapes and colours.  This BOM is reminiscent of their style!

I begin with a photo of the first one made, and carry through to the May BOM.


Ondrea said...

What a lovely BOM! I have that fabric on the 4th teapot. You have done a wonderful job. How big is the quilt when completed?

bpllhall said...

What a wonderful time you are having with your quilting. I also like the 4th one it looks like it has been knitted

Anonymous said...

oh Shirlwin these blocks are gorgeous,well done.xx