Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blocks finished!

Our Craft Forum  ran a BOM for 2012.  We chose a 12" block, forwarded our choice, and these choices were offered each month, with most months having a choice of three.  After thinking about the final quilt, and purchasing sufficient fabric, this BOM made a welcome monthly break to other projects throughout the year.  Officially October was the last month ... but due to demand we were offered the October block in September, which will allow us [or those of us who are motivated] to complete our quilt in time for Christmas.

My blocks will become a table cover; I have the completed picture securely in my mind ... though a recipient has not as yet emerged.

For September I chose a simple block ... Pinwheel, and was rewarded quickly with a pretty block.
As I set for myself that each block have three colours, or four if no 'suitable' 3-colour block was in the chosen ones.  The last set contained three blocks, two with just 2 colours, and only 1 using 3.  Without reading further I printed out the block, gathered my fabrics together, and began cutting.

It was at this stage I realised this block, Bird of Paradise, had some Paper Piecing!!  Paper Piecing and I have not become friends, though last year I did make a pot holder just to see if it was within my abilities.  That the potholder didn't turn out quite the original size, that didn't matter ... a pot holder is a piece of adjustment.

I printed out the template; twice as suggested.  Mmmm ... first effort was sadly wrong!  Second effort wasn't much better, but I perservered.  No, I am not an expert on Paper Piecing ... I think it is the fact that I was working what seemed to be mirror-wise [a little like Alice through the Looking Glass!], and my logical mind found this difficult.
But ... I do not like to be beaten, and am happy to say all the blocks are now complete ... All that is left now is to join the blocks, and make an appliqued outer border.


Anonymous said...

wow Shirley this block is stunning,well done.xx

Shirlwin said...

thanks Shez:) I have to admit patience was a little low for some time!!

Liz said...

Shirley -The blocks are stunning. The color choices are great. I look forward to seeing it made up.:):)

Anonymous said...

Both blocks look amazing. Lovely colour choices.

Ondrea said...

You have done a superb job with those blocks. Awesome!