Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It Don't Mean a Thing

This is the last block for the Sentimental Journey Quilt ... a block that should have been completed last month ... but ... never mind, it is now completed.

For a while I was wondering how I would do the borders as there have been no instructions posted, only a graph and a picture of the quilt finished.  As is often the case trying to make heads and tails of instructions before I actually reach that stage had me flummoxed. 

Today I read carefully, and quickly realised the borders will pose few problems.  [Ha ... the quilting will be a mammoth undertaking though!!].

So without further ado, I show block 12, "It Don't Mean a Thing".
For those who may be inspired to attempt this quilt the link is: 

Take your time, a block a month was not difficult to achieve ... lol, gives plenty of time to make other things!

I do have other projects on the go at the moment, some more urgent to complete than this quilt, as after all, our winter has all but departed, so it may not be until 2013 I totally complete it.


Anonymous said...

very nice Shirl,well done.xx

Happygirl said...

Very nice Shirley, you have given a very helpful link to a novice quilter.