Thursday, October 4, 2012

Almost there

Only one block to go in Jenny of Elefantz BOM 'Promises and Borders' ... Yay!!  I have downloaded the final block and will tackle it the moment my present small project is completed.

There is only the final row of the Promises and Borders block left to sew together as I have been up with the game on this BOM, and joined blocks row by row. 

I am making this BOM as a gift, and if I keep my enthusiasm high [the three B's I shudder to think about ... you ask, the 3 B's?  Batting, backing and binding], I will said through this project which has been very enjoyable to construct.  I think the mix of embroidery and borders on these blocks have kept my interest alive.

Thank you Jenny for a year of pleasurable stitching.

Oh, the blocks!! Here we are: Block 8
And Block 9

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